About Me

Helping others create quality software with Javascript


Hi, I'm Gabor!

I'm a technical lead, software engineer and content creator. I was born in 1986 in Hungary. After graduating with Master's degree in Electrical I've turned towards software development.

I've written code for Docler Holding, Emarsys, currently SAP and in my free time for the open source community. I've started as PHP developer mainly focused in backend technologies and fell in love with Javascript at my current workplace. Since then there is no turning back: Javascript development takes up most of coding time.

During my work I like challenges in which I can use modern tools and technologies to develop outstanding web applications in look, performance and efficiency. I specialise in front-end web technologies - Vue, React, and Angular. My back-end stack includes Node.js with Express/Koa. I do most of my projects with Test Driven Development.

I spend most of my free-time with my dog Mignon 🐶 teaching her new tricks.